Tuesday, April 23, 2013

summer and dessert

Goodevening, world!

I'm sitting with a cup of tea with open doors and the sun setting over Paris.
I've had two amazing days with my dad - we went to the Opera (Bastille) yesterday evening and watched an amazing ballet-opera which completely swept my feet away.
I've never been to the Opera by Bastille before, but it was so beautiful and the "show" was incredible!

After the Opera we went to Georges - the restaurant on top of Centre Pompidou. Probably one of the coolest places I've ever been. The waitresses were young and very attractive dressed in super tight dresses - in a non-slutty way. They were really charming.
We had starters, main course and I had a dessert (surprise). Afterwards we went home.

I honestly felt like taking photos of everything, but sometimes you need to enjoy the moment while you're in it instead of snapping photos and checking Facebook.

Today I met with my dad again, and we went to Merci where I got a little bracelet and he bought presents for my mom (sssshhhh).
Afterwards we went to Brasserie La Mascotte in Abesses which was probably one of the best places I've been in my eight months in Paris. For dessert I got profiteroles, and I cannot describe how delicious they were.

The sun is out again, and I'm enjoying it BIG time. I'm leaving for Copenhagen on Thursday, and I already miss Paris a little bit. Thank God I'll be back!

Now: Putting on my PJ's, watch Girls, drinking more tea and going to bed BEFORE MIDNIGHT (I tell myself this every night, but somehow it never really happens.... You know that??)

Much love and gros bisous

Friday, April 19, 2013

hello sunshine

I'm not gonna lie.
As I'm writing this exact moment, the rain is pouring down. Hard.
But it really hasn't been raining the past week. It's been SUMMER. For real. Goodbye to pants and goodbye to spring-jackets. It's been too warm for that.

Turns out it was just a temporary thing, so we're back to 15 degrees for a couple of days... Which isn't TOO bad either.

Just wanted to share a few photo's with you. I've been spending the days on my balcony and on my friend Simone's balcony. We've had such a good time listening to music, talking, eating ice cream, drinking ice tea.... Relaxing. 

That's all for now. I'm off! Meeting my beloved childhood BFF, Maria, for drinks later. She's in Paris, and I can't wait to see her.
Take care and so long!

Much love and gros bisous

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

update x 1000


You know the feeling of wanting to do something but somehow you keep postponing it? That's how I've felt for the past couple of weeks about blogging. So much stuff has been going on in my life, and I just haven't been able to find time nor inspiration. I'm truly sorry about that.

It's not that I've been bored. At all.
School is amazing, and I've made really great friends whom I already dread saying goodbye to.
The weather has changed BIG TIME - it went from not-really-spring to summer overnight. I'm finally back in my beloved Chanel flats and my breezy silk shorts. I cannot tell you how much I've been looking forward to that.
I've been going out, too. And I've had great fun.
I've been seeing my friend, Simone, several times a week. I could NEVER survive Paris without her. Such a keeper!!
I've been modeling for Edition Poshette (read about the brand here) and it's been SO much fun.
I've been celebrating easter with one too many easter eggs.
I've been running a lot, too. Because of the temperature I went to H&M and found some great summer sportswear. I still kinda think I look like a pro.

And soon, I'm on holiday. I'm going back to Copenhagen for a few days, but otherwise I'm gonna spend my days off here in Paris. The weather is too great to leave this city for a city where it's colder and more windy (read: stormy).

I have a giant test coming up tomorrow. It's gonna count 60% of our final grade when I finish this semester. I can't use the grade for anything, but I find that I care a whole lot anyways. I really wanna get it right this time. We've had several tests, and my grades aren't too bad, but I've been studying so hard for this test, that anything below 15 (out of 20) would make me really sad. We'll see -- keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm in a deep shit crisis about leaving Paris. I guess it's only gotten worse as summer has come to the city. I forgot how amazing this city is when it's warm. A and I are sleeping with the window wide open, and I love it.

Finally, I've been drawing a lot, too. It's been a while since I sat down and just started drawing, but I've got some great ideas for some drawings I want to get framed.

I'm off now - I have to go over all the shitty grammar I've just written down for the test tomorrow.

Take care - I PROMISE to get back to you. With photos. And stories. And tips. And outfits!!!

Much love and gros bisous

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sunday ritual: to market, to market...

Good evening, everyone!

I hope you're doing well. I certainly am.
I don't go to school on tuesdays, so today I spent the day with A - he woke me up with amazing breakfast (check my Instagram - theamunch), we went for a run, we went shopping and we watched TV. So lovely. For the past few hours I've been studying, because I have the first real test in French tomorrow. It's not easy guys - there's so much to remember!

Either way... I'm writing today to tell you about a little Sunday ritual A and I've got going.
We go to Marché d'Aligre every Sunday. It's open from 11 - 2, I believe, and it's so lovely.
Basically, you'll find tons and tons and TONS of groceries along with antiques. It's situated in the 12th arrondissement which is quite lovely.
The great thing about this market is the fact, that it's VERY Parisian. The market is surrounded by cafés, and I'm fairly sure that it's a very Parisian thing to go to this market on Sundays.

Another pretty great thing is the prices. It's super cheap and the quality of the groceries and fruits is amazing. During the last half hour of their opening hours they sell the groceries even cheaper because they have to get rid of everything. Ultimately, you can shop groceries and fruits for your entire week for a ridiculous price!

Soooo.. I snapped some photo's on Sunday to give you an image of what it's like. It's super crowded and at some point it might feel claustrophobic -- soooo... Prepare yourselves for that. 

We ended up buying SO much stuff. A BOX (a real box... made of tree... no shit....) of strawberries (3€!!!), several packs of blueberries (1€ a piece!!) among a shitload of groceries. I LOVE this place. After shopping we had lunch in one of the cafés outside (the sun was shining). 

Practical info:
Address: Place Aligre, 75012 Paris
Metro: Ledru-Rollin (sortie #2)

What's left to say is: GO!!

Much love and gros bisous