Thursday, September 20, 2012

baaahhhhh.... autumn? not really

Let me get straight to it: My Danish friends back home are, apparently, suffering from grey skies, rain, storm and darkness. Something, someone once decided to name autumn. While I understand my friends' frustration, I cannot help but feel a little (note: very) delighted that I have moved to Paris: Not only is it the most beautiful city in the entire world, but here - contrary to Denmark - it's actually still summer. At least I consider this weather as summer (because I am... well... Danish). It's around 20 degrees - tomorrow 23. The sun is shining. I still wear my summer dresses and silk shorts. 

Nonetheless, I have faced the fact: It won't stay summer forever. There's no doubt about the fact that I'd rather get a little cold while sporting the last glimpse of tanned legs. BUT...... It's coming. Autumn that is.

So I thought - where to start? I need a new winter coat, boots and I'll probably find an excuse for buying new bordeaux jeans and countless sweaters while buying the entire COS store. 

Instead - as a starter - I bought these little darlings today. I'm sure you've all heard about them. They're hyped like crazy - and it ain't for nothin'!
These cute nail polishes from L'Oréal are called Colour Riche - and they are indeed. They are pigmented like crazy. I think most of the colors would go with just one layer. Either way, I prefer to apply two. Furthermore, they last like nothing I have ever tried... And let me tell you: I think I have pretty much tried EVERY brand out there (obviously I haven't, then I would've died from all the toxics).
Honestly, guys... Essie, Chanel, Mac, Sally Hansen, Dior, YSL, Maybelline, Rimmel, OPI, Bourjois... You name it. L'Oréal Colour Riche beats every single one of the mentioned ones to the punch. They are so easy to apply - like nutella on bread, you know? (probably the saddest comparison EVER)

So... Let's look at the colors. The first color (404 - Scarlet Vamp) is blood-red. A dark, dark red. Not in the brown way - in the red way. The second colour (605 - Rive Gauche Green) is a very faded dark green. Not really in the military-way. It's the perfect green color because of its grey-ish undertones. Both colors look AMAZING on my nails.

Aren't they the perfect colors for autumn? I think YES.
Oh - I almost forgot the best thing about them: They cost NOTHING - I think I paid €6,40 for one. That's insane.

Go buy, girls! REALLY!
Much love and gros bisous

Psssssssssssst: Sorry for my absence the last couple of days. My parents are visiting - I cannot tell you how great it feels to see them again.

☆ ☆ 

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