Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I've been drawing ever since I was little. I've always found that it calmed my nerves more than anything. That, along with listening to music, was my evening ritual for many years.
Thing is, though - I sorta got out of it during my past year in high school. I found I was too busy or didn't have the energy - and that's not good: When drawing, it takes practice, time, patience along with focus and eagerness to want to improve.
It's really not easy.

But today, when babysitting Polly (pictures tomorrow), I got bored while watching The Little Mermaid for the fourth time. I found some paper and a plain pen with blue ink and started sketching. This is not at all my best work - mostly because I cannot place shadows properly with a normal pen (I find that shadows make the entire difference and they make a drawing like this look "alive" and "real".)

Take care, my friends.
Much love and gros bisous

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