Tuesday, October 02, 2012

le mois de septembre - SEPTEMBER sum-up

I cannot believe I'm saying this: September has come to an end. Already.
I feel like it just started, and I feel like that it was just yesterday, when I walked around in my breezy dresses and cursed everything and everybody because of the heat.
I don't any longer. I have now faced the fact that it is autumn. Although it's 20 degrees, the light has changed. The season clicked one morning: Whereas the sun used to be soft and warm, it was suddenly hard and cold. It gets dark earlier and earlier and the sun rises later and later. 
So what to do? How to cooperate with season changes? How to accept that your favorite dress now only goes with stockings?

September - pro's:
- Longer summer in Paris than in Denmark. Big fat PRO.
- Visit from family: Mom, dad, sister, one of my brothers and my BFF, Emma.
- Desserts: Mousse au chocolat, tarte au citron, macaron(s) au chocolat
- Breakfast: All kinds of yoghurts and (TOO) many pains au chocolat
- Flea market where I acquired a Lanvin jacket for 40 euros. O-M-G!
- Making friends with a Danish girl, Clara. Finally someone who understands what Danish humor is all about: sarcasm, irony, sarcasm, irony.
- The book "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James. My BFF Emma brought it to me when she came here to visit. Finally!
- Danish candy. Liquorice, to be more specific. Something I just CANNOT live without (again, thank you Emma, for bringing it to me...)
- Learning to sow. I have finally created my first clothing-element. A pair of pants. And they're fabulous.
- Musée d'Orsay. I simply cannot express how much I love that museum.

September - con's:
- Do I even HAVE to say it? AUTUMN. Big fat CON.
- Rain..... Correction: The day it rained so much that my most beloved Chanel ballerina's suffered from it. 
- Having my ballerina's held hostage for 24 hours at the cobbler's after the rain. Grrrrrrrr.
- Dog poo. Everywhere.
- French radio. It really, really sucks.
- Pigeons. Again: EVERYWHERE. Worst thing is, that they're tame! They don't move! It's as if they want to be petted! Mais nnnnnoooooooooOOOON!!!!

September - what have I learned?
- The Parisian attitude: Be busy, don't get eye contact with (most) men. If you do, there's a good chance they'll start saying inappropriate stuff to you.
- Paris Fashion Week: Glamourous and all. But SO many tourists and SO many too fabulous people. Thank GOD it's almost over.
- To stay open and positive in order to make friends: This month, I have made friends with people from New Zealand to Costa Rica.
- That the pavement is called "trottoir" in French - the Parisians call it the "crottoir", as 'crotte' means dog poo.... Or droppings..... Either way... It's freakin' everywhere!
- That when having survived without Danish candy for about a month, I consume it like a gorilla when finally having it in my hands.
- That I am, I think, a sneakers kinda gal. I have bought my first pair of Nike sneakers... Because they were burgundy!

September - could not have survived without...
- Sunshine.
- Visits from Denmark: Mom, dad, sister, brother & BFF.
- Danish candy........ like I said already.
- 'Thé vert à la menthe' - mint tea.
- Music in my ears in the morning when going to school.
- My very fabulous rain coat (Jesus Christ, I have SO MUCH to show you guys)

September - could have survived without...
- Rain.
- More rain.

So.... Guys... I owe you pictures. I owe you pictures of my vintage Lanvin coat, of my rain coat, of my sneakers, of my very first creation (pants). I promise that'll be up soon!
In the meantime, have fun with these photos...

With my maman by Montmartre - and a sneak-peek to my Lanvin jacket (which, technically isn't a jacket, since it has no sleeves)

Meeting a cat (???) in front of Sacre Coeur.

Cutest siblings EVER. Polly & Pablo.

I love the avenues in Paris. The trees are so beautiful.


Picture hanging just in front of my door one morning. I'm thinking: CUTEST BABY EVER!

Much love and gros bisous
☆ ☆ 

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