Thursday, February 07, 2013

sum-up: le mois d'octobre, novembre, décembre & janvier

Wow. I just now realized, that I had forgotten all about my monthly sum-up's. That's stupid, especially because they seemed to be quite popular - and I also like reading the ones I made just when I had moved here. So here we go...

I have now lived here for 5 months. Sounds like a little, feels like A LOT.
Since my last update (september), a lot has happened. One thing I know is, that I truly do feel like this city is my home. The thought of leaving in another five months breaks my heart. I'm already missing my street, my local coffee pusher, my wine bar, my chambre, my family, A's tiny studio, my view, my grocery pusher and lots more.

But hey - let's just get started with the list, already. You know the drill, so sit down and relax....

October, November, December & January - pro's:
- La vie. Just remember to enjoy your life for a few seconds every day
- Being in love. In Paris. So much in love
- Trip to Copenhagen
- Trip to NYC
- Trip to Marrakech
- Trip HOME... To Paris. Oh, the feeling. Lovely.
- Buying sports gear in NYC....
- ... And using it....
- And therefore getting fit
- Running in Paris
- Drinking coffee at my local café (Kooka Boora, Avenue Trudaine)
- Sunshine
- Church
- The smell of laundry detergent outside our local launderette
- Drinking wine at noon (yes, that's completely normal here)
- Tsaziki
- Chocolate
- Freedom
- Visit from my dad - several times
- My BIRTHDAY. 19 years old. Woooo
- Presents
- Chloé coat, which I will show you soon
- More Chloé stuff. Best brand ever

October, November, December & January - con's:
- Losing beloved ones
- Rain
- Cold weather
- Dog poo.... Still. They haven't disappeared since my last sum-up
- ... Thank God, it only happened once
- The journey of getting fit.... Hard work, guys
- Sore muscles
- Missing friends and family (mostly my siblings)
- Clara leaving Paris. Pfffffff

October, November, December & January - what have I learned?
- ... Or you might very likely step in a big, fat dog poo
- That you are expected to drink wine when lunchin'
- That several espresso's a day will definitely do something to your stomach....
- ... So stick to two per day
- That French people don't get irony OR sarcasm
- ... So when saying a REALLY mean joke, they take it as an insult
- ... And that it's never cool having to explain your joke
- ... While apoligizing like a fanatic and complete wuss
- That French girls look stunning in jeans and a t-shirt
- ... And that the rest of us, to the contrary, look BORING
- That, despite that you're about 80 years old, still can take the metro while applying nail polish at the same time
- ... And that I want to be that woman when I become old
- That saving money due to huge sale is NOT the same as earning money
- ... But that it's a good excuse for spending money

October, November, December & January - could not have survived without...
- A. He's the love of my life
- Mint tea
- Lindt Dark Chocolate with Mint 
- Anything with mint
- Music
- Coffee
- Traveling 
- Wine
- Drawing
- Sunshine
- Visits
- Running
- Hair Repair Mask from Morocanoil
- Oils that I purchased in Marrakech: Rose, Mint and Argan (for the body, bien sûr)
- Friends

October, November, December & January - could have survived without...
- Pissy frenchmen- and women
- Dog poo
- Rain
- Poverty
- Rats in the metro

OK... That's all for now, folks!

Much love and gros bisous


  1. Hej Thea - sikke en fin blog. Jeg dør lidt indeni, fordi jeg savner Paris så meget lige nu. Især da jeg så det billede, der helt klart er Claras udsigt.


    1. Søde ven. Kan godt forstå dig. Er vild med byen og SLET ikke færdig med den. Og ja -- det er Claras udsigt. Åh, savner det lidt! Knus