Sunday, February 10, 2013

what to buy in marrakech: part one

It wouldn't have been a real vacation without a few souvenirs.... Something to remember the city by, or simply just to please myself. I can't decide which one.........

When you travel to very foreign countries, it's hard not to get carried away with local gadgets (in the non-technology sense), local clothes, local this and local that. It's really hard. When you walk around in a crowd full of women wearing long, colorful dresses, you might catch yourself thinking, that it would be a good idea to buy one of those dresses. And really - it might look good on you when you are there... But back home -- not so much.

I didn't buy dresses, but I bought some other things.

- Argan oil
- Rose oil
- Mint oil

... For the body, bien sûr.
Yes, I bought oil. It was really, really cheap (5€ per bottle at the most) and it smelled really really good. When I bought it, I didn't know if I was ever gonna use it... Turns out: I should've bought more.
Mostly because it's pure oil. Let me get back to that... First, a proper introduction:

Argan oil: Oh, you must have heard of it... Right? Argan oil has become very popular due to several facts:
1. You can use it on your skin or in your hair.
2. It helps get rid of acne and cleans up your skin within a few weeks.
3. It fades scarring you may have from blemishes.
4. It is hydrating like crazy.

Rose oil: First off, it smells like those reeeeeally beautiful roses that smell so bloody amazing. This oil is good because:
1. Makes your hair stronger (I use it once a week in wet hair, let it sit for about 5 minutes and rinse).
2. Ideal for dry and patchy skin.

Mint oil: I am completely mint-obsessed these days. Tea, chocolate..... You name it. So when I saw this bottle, I thought... Why not? Turns out, there are several benefits to this little sucker:
1. Refreshes skin
2. Cleans skin 
3. Disinfects skin 

So there are benefits to these oils. I use them every day - in my hair, on my face, on my skin. I use them as cleansers and as hair treatment while in the shower. But MOST of all, I use it for one specific thing:

I use the argan oil as eye-makeup-remover. 
I use the Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Waterproof (yes, the one with the animal print on it... LOVE). Great mascara. Amazing, in fact. And waterproof? Ohhhhh YES. So waterproof, that every night has been a struggle for removing my mascara. Sometimes so much, that I decided not to wear mascara in the morning, so I wouldn't have to remove it in the evening. (Admitted: I'm too lazy to wear mascara every day. I really am. But I like the thought of it.)
But then came along the argan oil. I spray it on a cotton pad and it removes my mascara in one stroke. Just like that. Along with removing my mascara, it moisturizes my lashes leaving them soft and ready for the next day.

What more can you ask for? Such a simple product... No muss, no fuss - no secret ingredients. Just pure oil. In all of them.

And that's what I love about these oils. They are pure.

That's what I'll show you for now, folks. I have more stuff to show you, but not just yet! Keep up!

Much love and gros bisous

PS: I am truly sorry that I didn't have the argan oil with me when I shot these photos. You're gonna have to do without!
PPS: Oh, and speaking of.... Several high-end products like Josie Maran have started selling argan oil. For a lot of money. If you wanna pay for the packaging - then go buy it. If not - go to Wholefoods or your other nearby pharmacy and buy it for a lot less!

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