Saturday, February 16, 2013

what to buy in marrakech: part two

The good readers and the nearest friends will know, that I'm a serious sucker for ghetto-bling-bling. Jewelry-wise...
I love-love-love to wear jewelry that looks like it's been stolen from the Queen herself. I really do. For everyday, I wear the same, simple jewelry (read and see pictures here), but for going out OR spicing my knit sweater up a little, I love wannabe diamonds.

So it wasn't without hesitating that I HAD to buy these earrings.
Thing is, though..... I don't have piercings in both of my ears. In fact, I only have it in one. And it's not even on the bottom of my earlobe.
But I AM planning to get my ears pierced. I just have to be able to afford proper earrings first. I'm so picky about the jewelry I wear for everyday, and I certainly don't plan on wearing these when babysitting Polly (although, I'm sure she would DIE from fascination!).

Anyway - I bought these. I can't wait to wear them. I'm going to the Opera with daddy'o in April. Fingers crossed that my ears will be pierced by then!

Best part about this purchase: They cost me 10€ altogether. He-he-he!

They're ugly in the really great way, right?

Much love and gros bisous

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