Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sunday ritual: to market, to market...

Good evening, everyone!

I hope you're doing well. I certainly am.
I don't go to school on tuesdays, so today I spent the day with A - he woke me up with amazing breakfast (check my Instagram - theamunch), we went for a run, we went shopping and we watched TV. So lovely. For the past few hours I've been studying, because I have the first real test in French tomorrow. It's not easy guys - there's so much to remember!

Either way... I'm writing today to tell you about a little Sunday ritual A and I've got going.
We go to Marché d'Aligre every Sunday. It's open from 11 - 2, I believe, and it's so lovely.
Basically, you'll find tons and tons and TONS of groceries along with antiques. It's situated in the 12th arrondissement which is quite lovely.
The great thing about this market is the fact, that it's VERY Parisian. The market is surrounded by cafés, and I'm fairly sure that it's a very Parisian thing to go to this market on Sundays.

Another pretty great thing is the prices. It's super cheap and the quality of the groceries and fruits is amazing. During the last half hour of their opening hours they sell the groceries even cheaper because they have to get rid of everything. Ultimately, you can shop groceries and fruits for your entire week for a ridiculous price!

Soooo.. I snapped some photo's on Sunday to give you an image of what it's like. It's super crowded and at some point it might feel claustrophobic -- soooo... Prepare yourselves for that. 

We ended up buying SO much stuff. A BOX (a real box... made of tree... no shit....) of strawberries (3€!!!), several packs of blueberries (1€ a piece!!) among a shitload of groceries. I LOVE this place. After shopping we had lunch in one of the cafés outside (the sun was shining). 

Practical info:
Address: Place Aligre, 75012 Paris
Metro: Ledru-Rollin (sortie #2)

What's left to say is: GO!!

Much love and gros bisous

Saturday, March 16, 2013

when you've purchased something VERY leo...

Hi folks!

Despite the snow earlier this week I'm staying optimistic. And it so happens, that God noticed that, and decided to put a discount on the not-so-low-key leo-printed jacket that I've been dreaming about for two months' time.

I know it may seem like a "HOW-and-WHEN-are-you-ever-gonna-wear-that" kinda thing. And I understand why. But I think it's bloody amazing. The picture below doesn't really do it justice. I mean - I would never wear it buttoned up like that. It deserves a casual turn-up on the sleeves and a tee underneath. I think I'm gonna wear it with my boyfriend-jeans or maybe my burgundy mohair sweater. And once it's summer, it's gonna be perfect too.... Douche-colored silk shorts and my Chanel flats... I'm in heaven.

I'm obsessed with leo print, and I've been obsessed for about two years now. I've worn my Spring Court leo sneaks to DEATH (I still wear them ever so often...). If they weren't so expensive, I'd buy a new pair and throw out the old ones... Or keep them for festivals.

I also love my wool leo-print pants which technically goes under the category "homewear", but I decided to wear them like an everyday pair of pants during the winter. They are surviving on their third winter this year. They're warm, and they're lovely.

In general, I have quite good (amazing) experiences with leo-print. When the right amount of it - it's lovely. I can't wait to wear my new jacket.

What do you think?
PSsssst: It really WAS on sale! For 19.99€!! 

Much love and gros bisous

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

bisous from a snowy paris

Ciao, readers.

Just a quick explanation to why I haven't been blogging for the past week.
First off: Sorry about that. I went to Copenhagen in the weekend to visit my family, and since I came home on Sunday, school and college application has been occupying me. I'm handing it in tomorrow, so by then it'll be out of the world!

Do you believe this... When I left Paris last Wednesday, it was sunny and 17 degrees. I wore a dress with NO leggings underneath. Just a dress. It was really summer.
I came back on Sunday. Fairly cold.
Monday. Really cold.
Tuesday..... This happened......

I KNOW it actually looks quite idyllic. Snow in the city of lights (I never really understood that...). But to be honest - it's been a pain in the ass. The French aren't used to snow, so the few centimeters that fell during the evening meant, that Paris was paralyzed. Ultimately, the supermarkets didn't get their products delivered........ Yes. Really.

I'm off to bed. 
Sleep tight, out there.
Much love and gros bisous

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

paris fashion week: chanel

I'm back with more fashion!
This time it's nothing bigger than Chanel. I went there to snap photos of fashionable ladies and to see what it felt like. I mean - the Chanel shows are LEGENDARY. Absolutely legendary - and the mood outside of Grand Palais was too.

The mood during fashion week is insane. Sometimes, I'm kinda liking it, but other times I find it ridiculous. Despite a lot of fashion victims, I managed to find SOME people who actually did a pretty good job - fashion-wise.

Just take a look...

Much love and gros bisous

I was VERY jealous of this girl's lovely CARVEN-dress. I'm loving the print. Oh - and the shoes? So cute with red lips.

I loved this woman's lovely baby-doll dress. It's been long since I've seen people wearing them around. So flattering. And her shoes too!


I'm TOTALLY in love with the pink theme she's got going on. Her pink fur was to die for!

Looking beautiful as always in a very unusual long coat.

Danish model, Nadja Bender.

And me!!

Monday, March 04, 2013

so.. what ARE you doing in paris?

... Besides drinking espresso, reading ELLE, uploading photo's on Instagram every five hours (and hashtagging like an addict) aaaand checking up on the MyLittleParis-app a couple of times a day?

Well, my friends. That's what I'm gonna tell you today. I've had several people asking me (even my closest friends!), so I thought it was time to tell you all about my little Parisian adventure.

You see. I've known that I wanted to live in Paris after high school since I was twelve years old. My sister did the same thing, and therefore I wanted to do it as well (she's my role-model - everything she has done, I want(ed) to do).
But yes - Paris after graduating high school to take a gap year - something VERY common in Denmark but NOT very common in France and loads of other countries. Simple.

So I left last summer - August 5th, to be exact. I left in August with August (boyfriend). Incredibly exciting at the time, but also unbelievably hard to leave my friends - and most of all my family.
Turns out - now I just want to stay.

Either way - up until Christmas, I actually (to tell you the truth) didn't do much. Yeeeah, I took some French lessons... Yeaaaah, I babysat Polly a little. Yeaaaah, I spent most of the money I brought along with me.
And you know what? It was bloody amazing. I don't regret a single thing.
The most frequent reaction to this confession is something like this...:

"Don't you ever get bored?" (Really? Get bored in PARIS?! If you get bored in Paris, you lack imagination. Really.)
"Do you not want to go to school?" (Ehm.. NO... I literally JUST finished it!!)
"So how do you make the days pass?" (My advice: If you need to make a day PASS in Paris, then don't come to the city again.)

Buuuut... Now I'm back in school. And hopefully I start working during this month.

"School? Where?" - at Institut Catholique de Paris, located in the 6th arrondissement. I'm so happy with it. I'm studying French and Litterature - my teachers are amazing and the people in my classes are so nice.

Other than that, I'm a full time big sister because I live with Danish family-friends who have to amazing children. Polly, 5 years (read about her here) and Pablo, 14 years.
I had to schred a tear the other day when I thought about leaving my family here in Paris. Oh, I dread the day.

Other than school, job-hunting, being a big sister and being an amazing girlfriend (heheh), I spend my days on reading, walking walking walking (I love taking walks here. LOVE!), running every other day and of course - blogging.

I'm lucky, aren't I?

The pictures you see below are from my Instagram (yes, I'm totally and completely addicted). Remember to follow me (username: theamunch) or check out my profile here:

That's all for now, folks. I hope I answered some of your questions! Comment below if you have more of those! 

Much love and gros bisous

PS: Spring has really come to Paris. Today, 15 degrees. Tomorrow, 17 degrees. I'm in LOVE.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

sum-up: le mois de février

Hi world!

You must be getting tired of me blabbing on about this every month: But has February really passed already? Are you freakin' kidding me?! Am I really leaving Paris in four months? You have GOT to be kidding me!! I'm never leaving this place. NEVER.

The thing is, though: I am. I AM leaving Paris. After careful consideration I decided not to stay for half a year/one more year. You might think: Why?
I did so myself. And sometimes I still do.

It's all about the money. You see - if I decided to stay, I would have to get myself an apartment. And in order to be able to afford that, I would have to work full-time, because it's so bloody expensive to live here. It's not that I wouldn't want to work full time, but the reason why I love living here so much, is because I have the TIME to do whatever I want. I don't think Paris would be as exciting behind a counter. Simple as that. Besides: A is leaving this summer, my two friends S and C (whom you haven't yet acquainted) are leaving as well. Honestly, I think I'd feel like I was starting all over again.

It's just such a shame, isn't it?
After two months in Paris, I felt like I was a Parisian and I felt at home. But it aaaalways takes half a year to really settle down. And when that half year has passed, there's no time left to enjoy the rest of your residence.

Either way - we must get on with our monthly sum-up as usual. I've been GOOD this month, and I've written down everything when I saw/experienced it. Wooo!

February - pro's:
- A whole lot of having fun with my girlfriends (I.E. getting drunk and partying....)
- Girlfriends in general. Will definitely have to introduce you to them. Note to self.
- SUNSHINE. It hasn't rained much this month.
- Visit from my BFF and big sister, Maria. I think, that that was actually the biggest pro this month.
- Early Saturday morning-walks. Something, that I love doing when the sun is out. The city is still sleeping before 10 in the morning, so I've been taking morning walks in the sun with music in my ears. I can't tell you how lovely it is.
- Famous 'Tarte au Citron' in the Marais. Introducing you soon.
- Spring in general. It's been cold, but really sunny.
- Starting school! Woo!
- Musée d'Orsay. Encore une fois (yet again).
- Taking the bike home when you've been out at night. I love biking through Paris - crossing Place de la Concorde, spotting the Eiffel Tower, riding along the Seine. So romantic.

February - con's:
- The metro is only temporarily out of order when GOING to school. Any other time - it works perfectly.
- Tourists...
- ... walking slowly...
- ... while taking up ALL the space on the sidewalk...
- ... and not at ALL hearing when you snap at them...
- ... and when they suddenly decide to just STOP on the sidewalk...
- Meeting a BIG FAT HAIRY RAT on my way home from partying on a random Wednesday. EW-EW-EW-ew-ew-ew-eew-EEEEW!

February - what have I learned?
- That my posture is bad. I have GOT to start straightening up. Bad, bad habbit.
- To meet people with open arms: I have had loads of amazing experiences this month, because I've said yes to everything. I've met people who have introduced me to some incredible experiences. If I hadn't said yes.... Then I wouldn't be as happy as I am today.
- That when buying the weekly coffee on Starbucks, it's easier to use my middle name (Sofie) rather than my actual name (Thea). Somehow I always end up with names like "Thie", "Thio", "Thia", "Teah". Sofie it is.
- That you cannot and shall not ever make friends with a rat.
- That you should NEVER place your make-up bag in the sink while applying your make-up. You WILL by mistake turn ON the tap and you WILL see your make-up bag fill with water while panicking like a stressed out horse, screaming like a hyena. And yes... That DID happen to me.
- That MAC Cosmetics should receive a medal for waterproof packaging. Nothing got ruined! And my brushes were clean afterwards!

February - could not have survived without...
- Spring and sunshine. And lots of it.
- Faux leather pants from H&M.
- All my purchased oils from Marrakech: Argan, rose and mint oil (yet again)
- French cheese.
- French wine.
- Danish liquorice. Thank you to my lovely aunt who sent me A BOX full of danish liquorice.
- Girlfriends.
- Beyoncé "Love on Top"
- Red lipstick from Revlon ("Revlon Red"). Lasts for ages on your lips and the color is AMAZING. Loving bold lips.

February - could have survived without...
- RATS running around in the streets.
- Witnessing my make-up bag slowly (no, fast!) filling with water.

... And they can't even spell THAT right. IT'S WITH AN F!!! 

Me on the left, my girlfriend Simone on the right. 

Now you know what six kilos woth of moules looks like...

Yes. Me drinking water. Not vodka.


.... Aaaaand good evening.


Much love and gros bisous

Friday, March 01, 2013

paris fashion week: isabel marant

It's no surprise that fashion week has invaded Paris with lots of chic people. The thing is, that they are equally touristic as the rest of the tourists - just better dressed and perhaps with a driver. So before I start saying, that I love fashion week, let me just be honest:
I really don't.

But that, my friends, doesn't stop me from snapping photos of celebs or fashionistas when I see them. I stopped by the Isabel Marant show today to snap some photos. As I clicked on the button every 5 seconds, I noticed a whole lot of colors, leather and tribal-print. None of which are a surprise.
I mostly caught photos of random people, but I did also stumble upon danish Pernille Teisbæk (fashion editor Eurowoman Magazine) and the adorable model Magdalena Frackowiak, who wore a red chiffon skirt with her big winter jacket. 
Giovanna Battaglia wore a big, pink-ish jacket with an amazing flower-print and zebra printed shoes. To DIE for.

What do you think? 

Much love and gros bisous