Tuesday, March 05, 2013

paris fashion week: chanel

I'm back with more fashion!
This time it's nothing bigger than Chanel. I went there to snap photos of fashionable ladies and to see what it felt like. I mean - the Chanel shows are LEGENDARY. Absolutely legendary - and the mood outside of Grand Palais was too.

The mood during fashion week is insane. Sometimes, I'm kinda liking it, but other times I find it ridiculous. Despite a lot of fashion victims, I managed to find SOME people who actually did a pretty good job - fashion-wise.

Just take a look...

Much love and gros bisous

I was VERY jealous of this girl's lovely CARVEN-dress. I'm loving the print. Oh - and the shoes? So cute with red lips.

I loved this woman's lovely baby-doll dress. It's been long since I've seen people wearing them around. So flattering. And her shoes too!


I'm TOTALLY in love with the pink theme she's got going on. Her pink fur was to die for!

Looking beautiful as always in a very unusual long coat.

Danish model, Nadja Bender.

And me!!

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