Monday, March 04, 2013

so.. what ARE you doing in paris?

... Besides drinking espresso, reading ELLE, uploading photo's on Instagram every five hours (and hashtagging like an addict) aaaand checking up on the MyLittleParis-app a couple of times a day?

Well, my friends. That's what I'm gonna tell you today. I've had several people asking me (even my closest friends!), so I thought it was time to tell you all about my little Parisian adventure.

You see. I've known that I wanted to live in Paris after high school since I was twelve years old. My sister did the same thing, and therefore I wanted to do it as well (she's my role-model - everything she has done, I want(ed) to do).
But yes - Paris after graduating high school to take a gap year - something VERY common in Denmark but NOT very common in France and loads of other countries. Simple.

So I left last summer - August 5th, to be exact. I left in August with August (boyfriend). Incredibly exciting at the time, but also unbelievably hard to leave my friends - and most of all my family.
Turns out - now I just want to stay.

Either way - up until Christmas, I actually (to tell you the truth) didn't do much. Yeeeah, I took some French lessons... Yeaaaah, I babysat Polly a little. Yeaaaah, I spent most of the money I brought along with me.
And you know what? It was bloody amazing. I don't regret a single thing.
The most frequent reaction to this confession is something like this...:

"Don't you ever get bored?" (Really? Get bored in PARIS?! If you get bored in Paris, you lack imagination. Really.)
"Do you not want to go to school?" (Ehm.. NO... I literally JUST finished it!!)
"So how do you make the days pass?" (My advice: If you need to make a day PASS in Paris, then don't come to the city again.)

Buuuut... Now I'm back in school. And hopefully I start working during this month.

"School? Where?" - at Institut Catholique de Paris, located in the 6th arrondissement. I'm so happy with it. I'm studying French and Litterature - my teachers are amazing and the people in my classes are so nice.

Other than that, I'm a full time big sister because I live with Danish family-friends who have to amazing children. Polly, 5 years (read about her here) and Pablo, 14 years.
I had to schred a tear the other day when I thought about leaving my family here in Paris. Oh, I dread the day.

Other than school, job-hunting, being a big sister and being an amazing girlfriend (heheh), I spend my days on reading, walking walking walking (I love taking walks here. LOVE!), running every other day and of course - blogging.

I'm lucky, aren't I?

The pictures you see below are from my Instagram (yes, I'm totally and completely addicted). Remember to follow me (username: theamunch) or check out my profile here:

That's all for now, folks. I hope I answered some of your questions! Comment below if you have more of those! 

Much love and gros bisous

PS: Spring has really come to Paris. Today, 15 degrees. Tomorrow, 17 degrees. I'm in LOVE.

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