Saturday, March 16, 2013

when you've purchased something VERY leo...

Hi folks!

Despite the snow earlier this week I'm staying optimistic. And it so happens, that God noticed that, and decided to put a discount on the not-so-low-key leo-printed jacket that I've been dreaming about for two months' time.

I know it may seem like a "HOW-and-WHEN-are-you-ever-gonna-wear-that" kinda thing. And I understand why. But I think it's bloody amazing. The picture below doesn't really do it justice. I mean - I would never wear it buttoned up like that. It deserves a casual turn-up on the sleeves and a tee underneath. I think I'm gonna wear it with my boyfriend-jeans or maybe my burgundy mohair sweater. And once it's summer, it's gonna be perfect too.... Douche-colored silk shorts and my Chanel flats... I'm in heaven.

I'm obsessed with leo print, and I've been obsessed for about two years now. I've worn my Spring Court leo sneaks to DEATH (I still wear them ever so often...). If they weren't so expensive, I'd buy a new pair and throw out the old ones... Or keep them for festivals.

I also love my wool leo-print pants which technically goes under the category "homewear", but I decided to wear them like an everyday pair of pants during the winter. They are surviving on their third winter this year. They're warm, and they're lovely.

In general, I have quite good (amazing) experiences with leo-print. When the right amount of it - it's lovely. I can't wait to wear my new jacket.

What do you think?
PSsssst: It really WAS on sale! For 19.99€!! 

Much love and gros bisous

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