Tuesday, April 16, 2013

update x 1000


You know the feeling of wanting to do something but somehow you keep postponing it? That's how I've felt for the past couple of weeks about blogging. So much stuff has been going on in my life, and I just haven't been able to find time nor inspiration. I'm truly sorry about that.

It's not that I've been bored. At all.
School is amazing, and I've made really great friends whom I already dread saying goodbye to.
The weather has changed BIG TIME - it went from not-really-spring to summer overnight. I'm finally back in my beloved Chanel flats and my breezy silk shorts. I cannot tell you how much I've been looking forward to that.
I've been going out, too. And I've had great fun.
I've been seeing my friend, Simone, several times a week. I could NEVER survive Paris without her. Such a keeper!!
I've been modeling for Edition Poshette (read about the brand here) and it's been SO much fun.
I've been celebrating easter with one too many easter eggs.
I've been running a lot, too. Because of the temperature I went to H&M and found some great summer sportswear. I still kinda think I look like a pro.

And soon, I'm on holiday. I'm going back to Copenhagen for a few days, but otherwise I'm gonna spend my days off here in Paris. The weather is too great to leave this city for a city where it's colder and more windy (read: stormy).

I have a giant test coming up tomorrow. It's gonna count 60% of our final grade when I finish this semester. I can't use the grade for anything, but I find that I care a whole lot anyways. I really wanna get it right this time. We've had several tests, and my grades aren't too bad, but I've been studying so hard for this test, that anything below 15 (out of 20) would make me really sad. We'll see -- keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm in a deep shit crisis about leaving Paris. I guess it's only gotten worse as summer has come to the city. I forgot how amazing this city is when it's warm. A and I are sleeping with the window wide open, and I love it.

Finally, I've been drawing a lot, too. It's been a while since I sat down and just started drawing, but I've got some great ideas for some drawings I want to get framed.

I'm off now - I have to go over all the shitty grammar I've just written down for the test tomorrow.

Take care - I PROMISE to get back to you. With photos. And stories. And tips. And outfits!!!

Much love and gros bisous

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